Labor and Labor Day

As an ESOP advocate I was absolutely frustrated reading the newspapers and listening to cable TV news commentators on Labor Day.  It was lament after lament that we have no national policy honoring labor anymore; that our nation is fixated on capital and the men and women who own our capital, and who trade our capital assets.

I wanted to scream — “But there is a policy that favors labor and that policy makes them owners of capital.  It’s our employee stock ownership plans, or ESOP policy.  When are our national leaders going to wake up and put ESOPs on their so-called ‘jobs’ agenda they will outline in a few days?”

As a registered lobbyist for ESOPs, anything I say will be dismissed by newspaper editors.  But your voice, as a local, main street believer in employee ownership, can make a difference.

Click here for a suggested letter to the editor of your newspaper saying it’s time for the U.S. to recognize that ESOP companies value employees and let them share in capital through their ownership in the companies they work.

Tailor the letter as you wish.

Thanks for your help in spreading the employee ownership message.

J. Michael Keeling,

President, The ESOP Association

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