Member Services – Publications Highlight

Leading up the Las Vegas Conference & Trade Show, November 3 & 4, 2011, we thought we’d highlight a few publications that will be available at the Membership Services booth — #107.

 ESOP Repurchase Obligations

This informative booklet explains ESOP repurchase obligations and addresses many of the issues and variables pertaining to the repurchase obligations’ process. This booklet addresses the following questions:

What are the legal requirements relating to the repurchase obligation?
What are the variables that affect the repurchase obligation?
What process can an ESOP company follow to plan for the repurchase obligation?
What choices does a company have in how it manages and funds its repurchase obligation?

 Members $12.00 Non-Members $38.00

 Visit our website or call 202/293-2971 to purchase ESOP Repurchase Obligations.

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