The Employee Ownership Foundation

Several staff of The ESOP Association recently received an email card from professional member, SES Advisors, Inc. located in Philadelphia, PA. The card noted the following:

In lieu of printed holiday cards, we are pleased to make a donation to the Employee Ownership Foundation. The Foundation’s primary purpose is to promote broad-based employee ownership. The Foundation envisions an America where employee ownership is widely recognized as a catalyst for economic prosperity, and enables employees to share in the wealth they help create. The donation made on behalf of our clients and business partners will help achieve these goals.

Read more about the Foundation and its important work.

We wanted to thank SES Advisors, and many others this year, that have donated to the Employee Ownership Foundation.

“Reading this card I realized what a milestone the Foundation crossed — the Foundation is now a staple of our community. Numerous people have worked to make this happen and we thanks all for their dedication to the Foundation,” said J. Michael Keeling, president of The ESOP Association and the Employee Ownership Foundation.

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