December 2011 Wrap-Up

We might be a few days into January but we thought it might be a good time to see what happened in the whirlwind that was December. Onward…

We took a look at some ESOP Company Congressional Visits

The AACE Awards 2012 brochure was posted to the website

A New White Paper on Valuation was published

The Employee Ownership Foundation met its fundraising goals

We looked back on AACE Award entries in 2011

We noted the Massachusetts AFL-CIO’s support of employee ownership

More AACE Awards entries

The EFES took a look at employee ownership in Europe

Another EFES update

We thanked people and organizations for remembering the Employee Ownership Foundation

AACE Awards again

AACE Awards one more time

We ended the year with a guest post from employee ownership advocate, Steve Sheppard

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