Deadline Approaching for ESOP Association Submission to ESOP Experts

In 2011, 12,500 people visited the ESOP Experts pages of The ESOP Association’s website.

Many of the 12,500 people were referred to these pages by Association staff from members of the Association, and non-members who were considering creating an ESOP, usually wanting names of lawyers, TPA’s, appraisers, feasibility experts, etc., etc., in their region.  (For example, in Shreveport, Louisiana, a caller will want to know who s/he might contact in Shreveport, Little Rock, Dallas, New Orleans, etc.  A Phoenix caller would want to find Phoenix, Tuscon, San Diego, etc. contacts.)

BOTTOM LINE:  If you and your firm do not subscribe in the upcoming twelve months to the ESOP Experts, you will not be found by any of the 12,500, or more visitors to this section of the Association’s website.

The DEADLINE for registering for the ESOP Experts is Friday, January 27thClick HERE to subscribe to the ESOP Experts.

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