Iowa Governor and ESOPs

Last week, Iowa Governor, Terry Branstad, gave his annual State of the State speech and mentioned a new ESOP initiative program. We posted about it here.

As we do with most information, we also posted a link to the information on our LinkedIn group. We wanted to share some comments with you.

Stephen Ringlee • I hope folks realize that this did not happen by accident but was the result of an intensive push by ESOP Association members, in particular the Iowa/Nebraska chapter. We outlined for senior State policy makers the benefits of ESOPs as job retention and long term economic growth tools. Our Legislative Committee is now planning to hold a similar introduction at the Nebraska Capitol on Feb 28th, at the time of our IA/NE annual meeting, to introduce ESOPs to NE policy makers and to meet with senior State officials to highlight what Iowa is doing next door. We hope that NE responds with similar initiatives.
Steve Ringlee
Ames, IA

J. Michael Keeling • Yes, here at the national office we were aware of our Association’s Iowa/Nebraska Chapter leaders’ grass-roots, effective work with the Governor’s office and staff. We are proud that our “style” is from the heart, and is not some “astro-turf” style where “big” money, inside-the-beltway types act like they are important. Thanks Steve for letting our community know of your and your fellow ESOP advocates work. J. Michael Keeling, CAE, President, The ESOP Association

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, persistent, respectful communication with an elected official is more important than relying on the one time-at-bat home run.

If you’re interested and would like to learn more about meeting with your member of Congress and other elected officials, you can find the information on our website:

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