New Apps in 2012

The ESOP Association is always striving to provide members with the best possible services. To allow members to get the most out of our meetings, an app was introduced at the 2011 Las Vegas Conference and Trade Show which turned out to be a success. Approximately 66% of the Conference attendees (over 800 individuals) downloaded the app over the two conference days.

We’re not saying this to pat ourselves on the back; but as a way to thank members for following us. A few stats:

  • 66% of conference attendees downloaded the app; over 800 people
  • 915 people clicked on the list of exhibitors; and bookmarked 126 of those exhibitors viewed
  • The My Schedule tab was opened over 3,000+ times
  • 1,300+ events were added to the My Schedule tab
  • The event list was opened 7,200+ times
  • Speaker bios were viewed close to 1,500 times

In 2012, the Las Vegas Conference and Trade Show app will be active again and a 2012 Annual Conference app will also be created for individuals attending the Washington, DC event.

If you’re a member and interested in new marketing opportunities, we are offering some new sponsorship options in 2012 related to the meeting apps. If you’re interested and would like additional information, please contact Rosemary Clements at for more information or download a copy of our 2012 Sponsorship Brochure.

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