2012 AACE Awards Call for Submissions

2012 Annual Awards for Communications Excellence (AACE)

 The deadline for all 2012 AACE Awards entries is fast approaching. Entries must be received by AACE Awards Program Manager Pat Barnes no later than Thursday, March 1, 2012 to be considered for this year’s competition. Additional information and entry specifications can be found in the 2012 AACE Entry Brochure which was mailed to your company in mid January and is now available on The ESOP Association’s website.

2012 AACE Awards Brochure

Why should your company enter?

v     Organize Your Thoughts — Preparing an entry forces you to organize your program for review by the judges.

v     Help you review — As you put together your entry, you can get a good overview of your program.

v     Help you evaluate — Once your program is organized, you can evaluate it in the light of what the judges will look for, and what they are likely to see from other companies.

v     Generate new ideas — As you organize your program for entry, new ideas come to you for augmenting and improving it.

v     Share your ideas — Your entry will be displayed at the Annual Conference in May so that other ESOP companies can see what has worked for you.

v     Create an archive — You’ll be able to look back and determine direction, growth and results.

Want tips on how to make your entry stand out? Take a look at this guest blog post from the AACE Awards Volunteer Coordinator, Paul Horn, which appeared on the Association’s blog is January. You can read the post here.

Please consider organizing your company’s entry, packing it up, and sending it to Pat Barnes, The ESOP Association’s AACE Awards Program Manager by March 1. If you have a question, contact Pat Barnes at (304) 876-3624 or PatBarnesArt@gmail.com. The judges, who are ESOP company leaders, look forward to seeing your company’s entry!

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