Leading in an Ownership Setting: The Program for CEOs

The Employee Ownership Foundation and the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Organizational Dynamics have partnered to offer CEOs/Presidents and/or the CEO/President Designee of ESOP companies a breakthrough Certificate Program — Leading in an Ownership Setting: The Program for CEOs. This ESOP Leadership program is focused on enhancing each participant’s leadership effectiveness in his or her own company.

Over 30 ESOP company CEOs and CEO Designees have graduated from the Leading in an Ownership Setting Program including individuals from: Carris Reels, Inc., New Belgium Brewing Co., Inc., Carl Warren & Company, Pacific Steel & Recycling, and Woodward Communications, Inc., to name a few of the companies that have benefitted from the program.

Leadership development focused specifically on the leadership opportunities and challenges that exist in employee-owned companies:

• Leaders who want to work on their personal and professional development to enhance their own leadership effectiveness

• Leaders who practice and are committed to lifelong learning

• Leaders who want to maximize their opportunities to build a high-performance culture on the foundation of employee ownership

• Leaders who are interested in developing a national network with leaders of ESOP companies from around the country

For more information, contact meetings@esopassociation.org or download a copy of the brochure from the Employee Ownership Foundation website.

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