New Government Relations Primer Available

Why Don’t We Win Every Time? It’s Us, Not Them!

A government relations primer for employee ownership advocates and a personal message from ESOP Association President, J. Michael Keeling, on the government relations work of The ESOP Association and its members.

An excerpt:

After years of trying to persuade our national leaders to become active and intense about spreading employee ownership in America, and after talking about this effort with employee owners throughout our nation, I am continually challenged by employee ownership advocates with this refrain:

“Why do the Congress and President not do more to promote employee ownership effectively? And why, oh why, do we see periodic efforts, sometimes successful, to actually reduce the number of ESOPs and employee ownership in America? Why do top leaders in both the House and the Senate, and the White House, sometimes agree to steps to decrease the number of employee owners, not increase the number?”

Want an answer? Download a copy of the Primer here.

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