GOP Platform Endorses Employee Stock Ownership Plans

The ESOP Association was pleased to receive the following language endorsing employee stock ownership plans which is part of the 2012 Republican Party platform.

“We are pleased by this endorsement of employee stock ownership plans by the Republican party platform,” said ESOP Association President J. Michael Keeling. “The ESOP community also believes that employee empowerment and workforce nimbleness are part and parcel of why ESOP companies are, in the vast majority of instances, more productive, more profitable, and more sustainable providing locally-controlled jobs.”

Republicans believe that the employer-employee relationship of the future will be built upon employee empowerment and workplace flexibility, which is why Republicans support employee ownership.  We believe employee stock ownership plans create capitalists and expand the ownership of private property and are therefore the essence of a high-performing free enterprise economy, which creates opportunity for those who work and honors those values that have made our nation so strong. Today’s workforce is independent, wants flexibility in working conditions, needs family-friendly options, and is most productive when allowed to innovate and rethink the status quo.  The federal government should set an example in making those adaptations, especially in promoting portability in pension plans and health insurance.

The 2012 Republican Convention is taking place this week, August 27 – 30, in Tampa, FL.

The above statement can be found in the 2012 Republican Platform document, in Chapter 1 – Restoring the American Dream: Rebuilding the Economy and Creating Jobs, under the section titled A Twenty-First Century Workforce on page seven.

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