Congressman Joe Heck Visits Caltrol Inc.

Caltrol Inc., a 100% employee-owned process management and process automation company, and ESOP Association member located in Las Vegas, Nevada, hosted a visit from Congressman Joe Heck (R-NV) on July 2nd.

According to a press release shared with The ESOP Association, Caltrol is a great success story spanning over 76 years. Caltrol has continued to hire and increase their workforce, and continues to meet and exceed corporate goals.

After a tour of the facility, Congressman Heck met with the employee owners of Caltrol and answered questions on current legislative issues affecting ESOPs. When asked about his support for pro-ESOP bill, H.R. 1244, the “Promotion and Expansion of Private Employee Ownership Act,” he commented that he was not familiar enough with the act to comment at the time. Based on his visit and questions from employee owners, he said would make sure to follow H.R. 1244 through the subcommittees and make sure that he had it on his agenda.

Congressman Heck shared with Caltrol employee owners that he too had done business as a chapter S corporation and that he fully understood the company’s position and interest in protecting ownership rights. He further explained that the small to medium sized businesses have done a much better job of managing money. He would like to make sure the company continues to have the ability to reinvest earnings into expanding the business rather than having it eroded by additional taxes.

Caltrol was established, and became an employee-owned company, in 1985.

Thank you to Caltrol’s William Flader for sharing the information and photos with The ESOP Association.


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