Mark Your 2013 Calendars

The ESOP Association’s Advisory Committee Invitational for Professional Members of the Association Only

February 14, 2013
The Ritz Carlton
New Orleans, LA
Forum for ESOP Professionals
(Registration limited to Professional Members of The ESOP Association ONLY!)

The ESOP Association is holding a day-long open discussion forum for Professional Members of The ESOP Association. [Professional Members of The Association are sellers of services to ESOP plan sponsors and to parties considering creating an ESOP. Examples of the services are legal, third party administration, valuation, finance, management consulting, financial advise, trustee, and similar services.]

Led by the chairs of the highly respected Association Advisory Committees on Valuation, Finance, Legislative and Regulatory affairs, Administration, Ownership Culture and Fiduciary Issues, this one day program will lay bare the tough issues facing ESOP professionals, and present the pros and cons of different views. The goal is not only to air different view points but to move towards consensus as to “best practices” by the ESOP service provider community.

Conference for Minority ESOPs

(ESOP companies where the ESOP is a minority shareholder.)

February 15, 2013
The Ritz Carlton
New Orleans, LA

Since the late 90s ESOP sponsors of ESOPs holding less than 50% of the plan sponsor’s stock have become almost the “forgotten” backbone of employee-ownership through the ESOP model. The ESOP Association serves everyone in the ESOP community, and values the contribution so-called “minority” ESOPs have made to the advancement of employee ownership in America.

Often at the large ESOP seminars and conferences with hundreds, or even 1,000 + attendees, it seems only the unique issues facing majority-owned, or 100%-owned ESOPs are addressed.

The ESOP Association sponsors a one-day seminar for minority ESOPs only. Come and hear the experienced leaders of the Association’s Advisory Committees address the unique issues of minority ESOPs, such as sustaining a minority ESOP, creating an ownership culture, handling different equity ownership arrangements outside of the ESOP, valuation impacts arising from less than 50% ESOPs, among other topics.

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