New Publication on Financing ESOP Transactions

We highlighted the following publication at the recent 2012 Las Vegas Conference and Trade Show in November, but since many have asked about it, we thought we’d mention it here as well.

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NEW — A Guide to Financing ESOP Transactions

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Authored by top ESOP experts in the country, this book provides an overview of how ESOPs function and how they are financed. Chapters include the legal and structuring requirements of ESOPs and the loan requirements. The first two chapters are geared to both the advanced reader looking to brush up on some basic concepts, or for an individual relatively new to the world of ESOPs who wants a basic overview before diving into the more advanced technical information. The remaining four chapters delve into the detailed information that is the cornerstone of this book, including that what is most important to lenders involved in making ESOP loans, other professionals seeking guidance on how to better serve their clients and corporate executives active in corporate financings.

Chapter 1 – Tax Incentives for ESOP Companies

Chapter 2 – Legal Requirements for ESOPs

Chapter 3 – Underwriting Considerations in Financing ESOP Companies

Chapter 4 – Junior Debt

Chapter 5 – Equity

Chapter 6 – Documenting Loans to ESOP Companies


Available as a book packaged with a CD, or electronic file format. Over 100 pages in length.

Members $50 / Non-Members $150 (plus S&H)

To order A Guide to Financing ESOP Transactions, visit the website, or call 202/293-2971.

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