New This Year at the 2013 Las Vegas Conference and Trade Show

A Special Two-Day Education Track for In-House ESOP Trustees

Caesars BuildingThe purpose of this Special Education track is to provide in-house ESOP trustees with educational information which enhances their ability to perform their ERISA fiduciary duties and to follow the ESOP and trust documents. The sessions led by experienced trustees and ESOP professionals, address the full range of ESOP fiduciary duties and responsibilities, including sources of authority, the differences between “directed” and “discretionary” trustees, the standards of care to which fiduciaries are held and the major fiduciary responsibilities in ESOP transactions and on an ongoing basis. The materials for the sessions are the ESOP Fiduciary Handbook published by The ESOP Association and speaker handouts. The instruction will cover the trustee’s role in corporate governance, including the relationship with the board of directors and ESOP participants, the election of directors and pass through voting. The course materials are comprehensive and include sources for further reading.

Examples of topics to be discussed:

  • Introduction; Glossary, Annual cycle of ESOP Administration and Trustee Recordkeeping
  • “Directed” vs. “Discretionary” Trustees and Indemnification
  • Relationships With and selection of Service Providers
  • Investment Management Issues
  • The Trustees Role in Developing an Ownership Culture
  • “Sticky Fiduciary Wickets”

Online registration is now available for the Las Vegas Conference and Trade Show, and you can also book your hotel room on line at Caesars Palace, at our special rate of $199.

To register CLICK here.

Fiduciary Issues are a “hot button” in the ESOP world. Be educated and help your ESOP be all it can be!

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