Tax Reform and Keeping Up with Advocacy Updates

With tax reform underway, we wanted to share several options for staying on top of Association news.

Website – all information is posted to The ESOP Association’s website. Check the ESOP Bulletin under Advocacy and the News section on the homepage for the latest information.

ESOP Association Blog – government affairs information is posted here as it happens. There is an email subscription feature on the blog frontpage. You’ll be notified by email when new information is posted. The RSS feed is another option for updates.

Facebook and LinkedIn – information and links to information are posted to the Association’s Facebook page and LinkedIn group for members to stay involved.

YouTube Channel – when important information is announced, additional commentary is posted to the Association’s YouTube Channel.

Email – emails to the membership will continue on important issues.

As information breaks, the Association will share information in several forms and in several places to reach members.

Got questions? Let us know.

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