2014 AACE Awards Program

esopaacedarkerThe AACE Awards program will see a few changes in 2014. Following is a brief roundup; for more information, please visit the AACE Awards page on The ESOP Association’s website.  Additional information will be posted in the coming weeks.

We’re looking forward to another year of exceptional entries from ESOP Association members.

New Deadline

The new deadline will be February 14th (Valentine’s Day) for all materials.

Presentation Videos

All presentation videos should be put on YouTube, with a link provided via email by February 14th. There is a new five (5) minute time limit. Be sure to also provide the link on the entry form.

Internet Entries

Links to internet entries should also be provided via email by February 14th. Be sure to also provide the link on the entry form.

Intranet Entries

A link to a web address is preferred (limited access if needed), along with a password. Be sure to also provide the web address and password on the entry form. Intranet entries can be printed, but text must be large enough to read easily. Full page screen shots are acceptable, showing what would be available in a browser. You may black out private information. As an alternative, a CD/DVD can be sent in the formats of PDF (readable in the free version of Adobe Acrobat), JPG or PNG. Label clearly. (All deadlines are arrival by February 14th).

Links for presentation videos, internet entries, and intranet entries should all be provided via email to PatBarnesArt AT gmail.com

Categories Prepared As Separate Units

Each category should be entered as a separate unit, either in a (tabbed) larger notebook(s) or in individual smaller notebooks. It is very important that these be labeled and easy for judges to find. There is no need to send another notebook for the Total Communications Category, unless there are additional materials not included in the other individual units. This category should also be marked on the entry form.

For questions regarding these changes or about the AACE Awards program, please contact Pat Barnes at PatBarnesArt AT gmail.com, or call (304) 876-3624.

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