Links of Interest

We came across of few interesting articles recently and thought we’d share.

An article in the Des Moines Register talking about Iowa’s state ESOP program

A roundup of book reviews for The Citizen’s Share: Putting Ownership Back into Democracy:

The Citizen’s Share: Putting Ownership Back into Democracy by co-authors Joseph R. Blasi, Douglas L. Kruse, and Richard B. Freeman was recently reviewed by the PBS News Hour Business Blog: What the Founding Fathers Believed: Stock Ownership for All

As a means of background, one of the book’s authors, Dr. Blasi, spoke to attendees of the Association’s 2013 Las Vegas Conference & Trade Show, and following his presentation, signed copies of the book. The Citizen’s Share is a history of the employee ownership movement, starting with the American Revolution, continuing through America’s first Presidential term with George Washington, and covering the first major piece of legislation regarding stock ownership. The book also discusses the involvement of several more U.S. Presidents and notable historical figures, including John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln. More information about the book and links to purchase.

A review of the book was featured in Time: Can Employee-Owned Companies Reboot the Economy? by Christopher Matthews

The Economist also had a review: Free exchange – Turning workers into capitalists

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