ESOP Association President Visits with Employee Owners of CTL Engineering

The employee owners of CTL Engineering (CTL) had the opportunity to meet with J. Michael Keeling, President of The ESOP Association, during a visit and tour of CTL’s corporate offices in Columbus, Ohio on October 9, 2013.

CTL employee owners, either in person or via video conference, listened as Mr. Keeling spoke about the history of ESOPs in America and how important it is to fight the negative views that the current administration has regarding ESOPs.  To show their commitment to the employee ownership community, CTL employee owners presented Mr. Keeling with a check made out to the Employee Ownership Foundation in the amount of $1,500.

CTL has been an ESOP since 1990 and a majority ESOP since 1999.

CTL JMK Visit 3

CTL JMK Visit 2

CTL JMK Visit 1

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