How To Make Your AACE Entry Stand Out

AACE Awards LogoPaul Horn, volunteer coordinator for the AACE Awards Program, provides members with a few quick tips on entering AACE.

More information, along with entry forms, can be found on the Association’s website

The judges review many excellent submissions in a number of categories.  Here are some factors that past judges have said make a submission stand out and be memorable.

1.    Clear and concise description of event(s) or item.

2.    Labeling of photos with captions and dates.

3.    Indication of special effort or time spent.  For example, an owner’s handbook that looked like your car’s owner manual.

4.    Themes that tie into your company’s line of business.

5.    Community action and volunteer events.

6.    Events with other area ESOP companies.

7.    Hosting elected officials at your company.

8.    Fundraiser for Employee Ownership Foundation or ESOP PAC.

9.    Employees writing to or visiting elected officials.

10.  Employee outings or recognition events.

11.  Ongoing ESOP events throughout the year.

Paul Horn is president of WorkPlace Consultants, LLC located in Bethesda, MD. He is a member of The ESOP Association’s Advisory Committee on Ownership Culture and a Chapter Officer of the Association’s Mid-Atlantic Chapter.

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