ESOP Association Member Resources — The Website

The ESOP Association is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to our members and the public. The website provides fast access to information on employee ownership and news. Additionally, the new website is accessible on smartphones and tablets through mobile and responsive design versions that make navigation easier and available anywhere on any device.

TEA homepage 4-21-2014

Meet & Learn: Meetings information for both national and Chapter events; publications (print and electronic versions) including all technical and communications information offered by the Association and the ESOP Report newsletter; the online learning tool, the ABCs of ESOPs

Explore: Information on how ESOPs work and industry statistics; links to the Association’s Issue Briefs; and an employee ownership news section which contains an archive of the Association’s press releases

Advocate: Advocacy Kits; Government affairs information and the ESOP bulletin; accessible links to government affairs commentary on YouTube and the Association’s Blog; Employee Ownership Month information; information on the ESOP PAC

Network: ESOP Experts; the Membership Directory; ESOP Yellow Pages; Online Board Registry; and social networking links to connect with the Association

Chapters: Chapter events and links to individual Chapter pages

About the Association: How to contact the Association; information on the ESOP Awards; how to join and member benefits; and sponsorship and advertising information

For questions regarding the website, please send email to lisa AT or amy At

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