2014 Las Vegas Conference and Trade Show: Agenda & Trade Show Info Updated

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The 2014 Preliminary Agenda for the Las Vegas Conference and Trade Show is now available.


While every ESOP company executive, participant and the professionals who provide services to ESOPs can breathe easy that so far ESOP laws are faring well as Congress considers tax reform, the past six months have created new perplexing developments arising from a Supreme Court ESOP case, and detailed outcome in lawsuits brought by DOL against ESOP fiduciaries.  If ever an ESOP fan needed to hear the “best” analysis of these developments and how they may affect his or her ESOP, it is now; and these new developments will be front and center in discussions, formal and informal at the 2014 Las Vegas Conference and Trade Show, as evidenced by the descriptions of topics.

In sum The 2014 Las Vegas Conference and Trade Show will review developments not ever foreseen at the 2013 Conference and Trade Show.

Also, click below for the 2014 tradeshow information.


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