AACE Awards — A few Interesting Facts about the Program

esopaacedarkerIn doing some historical research into the AACE Awards program this summer, ESOP Association staff came across some interesting facts. First, a bit of background on the AACE program. The AACE Awards are sponsored each year by the Association to recognize the outstanding communications and educational programs of its members. The AACE Awards are presented each year at the Association’s Annual Conference in Washington, DC to companies who have excelled in communicating the ESOP and its meaning to employee owners. AACE Award winners are chosen by a panel of five judges made up of both management and non-management employee owners, each of whom has demonstrated active experience and interest in the field of ESOPs and employee ownership communications.

Additional information about the AACE Awards program, including the program brochure (the 2015 AACE Awards brochure will be available in the coming months), tips on winning, and a list of the 2014 winners, can be found here.  AACE Awards videos can be found on the Association’s YouTube Channel as well.  If you have questions concerning the AACE program, please contact Pat Barnes at (304) 876-3624 or by email at patbarnesart AT gmail.com.

Starting with 1992, as far back as staff were able to trace records, 214 ESOP companies have entered the AACE program. Breaking the numbers down by Chapter, the New England Chapter leads the way with 27 entries. The full breakdown: New England (27); Mid-Atlantic (22); California/Western States (21); Ohio/Kentucky (20); Minnesota/Dakotas (15); Southwest (14); New South (12); Pennsylvania/Delaware (11); Carolinas (10); Iowa/Nebraska (9); Heart of America (8); Illinois (8); New York/New Jersey (8); Wisconsin (6); Northwest (5); Indiana (4); Michigan (4); Hawaii (1).

According to information available in the Association’s database:

  • The majority of companies entering AACE have less than 250 employees
  • Average ESOP % of companies entering AACE is 71.77%
  • 72 of the 214 companies that have entered AACE are 100%
  • Average year the ESOP was established for companies entering AACE is 1994
  • Average year the company was established for companies entering AACE is 1962

Totaling up the companies with the most entries and wins:

  • The company that has entered the most number of times is ComSonics, Inc. (Harrisonburg, VA) with 15 entries since 1992. They have won nine AACE awards and nine runner up awards.
  • Company with the most wins overall is Burns & McDonnell (Kansas City, MO) with 10. As a side note, Burns & McDonnell has entered 10 times and won an AACE Awards every time they have entered; including 3 runner up awards.

Does your company have an ESOP education committee? Take a look around and see what your company has to offer. You might just be the next AACE Award winner. The ESOP Association works to promote the best and brightest throughout the ESOP community. Help us show off your company’s hard work.

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