2015 AACE Awards — What You Need to Know

Information and entry forms for 2015 are available on the Association’s website. Below is all you need to know about the 2015 awards and how to enter. Want to share the information with others in your company such as the ESOP Communication Committees, use this link. The following video is also a great way to share info with colleagues.

What are the AACE Awards?

esopaacedarkerThe AACE Awards — Annual Awards for Communications Excellence — are sponsored each year by the Association to recognize the outstanding communications and educational programs of its members. The awards are presented at the Association’s Annual Conference in Washington, DC to companies who have excelled in communicating the ESOP and its meaning to employee owners.

AACE Award winners are chosen by a panel of five judges made up of both management and non-management employee owners, each of whom has demonstrated active experience and interest in the field of ESOPs and employee ownership communications. Awards are based on: overall quality and quantity of employee owner education, contributions of employee owners, integration of the ESOP into company culture, frequency of ownership communications, involvement and/or response of employee owners, encouragement of ownership attitudes, clear explanations, creative ideas, graphic design, and technical quality.

Some interesting statistics about the AACE program:

  • Since 1992, 214 companies have entered AACE.
  • The majority of companies that enter AACE have less than 250 employees.
  • Of the Association’s 18 Chapters, there has been at least one entry from every Chapter since the start of the program. The New England Chapter tops the list with 27 entries, followed by the Mid-Atlantic Chapter with 22 entries, and the California/Western States Chapter rounds out the top three with 21 entries.


Who is eligible? What does it cost to enter? Deadline for 2015?

Any current corporate member of the Association is eligible to enter. There is no entry fee for the AACE Awards beyond the initial cost of shipping; all other shipping costs are covered by the Association. The deadline for 2015 entries is February 17, 2015.


Where do I find AACE information?

On the Association’s website. Go to About the Association. Click ESOP Awards and then AACE Awards.


Save the date!

The ESOP Association’s 24th Annual Awards Ceremony to honor AACE Award winners will take place Wednesday, May 6, 2015, the night before the opening of the Annual Conference in Washington, DC. The Annual Conference will take place May 7 & 8, 2015 and will feature a display of all 2015 AACE Awards entries. Plan to stop by the display, connect with other employee owners, and take the opportunity to view the creativity on display.

2015 Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony info.

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