Proposed Topics Announced for the 2015 Annual Conference

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Following are the proposed technical and ownership culture topics for The ESOP Association’s 38th Annual Conference, ESOPs: Creating our Destiny.” 

Technical Topics:

  • Admin Cycle I – How Balances Accumulate
  • Admin Cycle II – Distributions
  • Agency Practitioners Forum (Pt 1)
  • Agency Practitioners Forum (Pt 2)
  • Common Administrative Errors, How to Avoid Them, and How to Fix Them
  • Special Administration Issues – Diversification, Rebalancing, Reshuffling
  • Addressing Conflicts of Interest
  • Fiduciary Responsibility for Value Determination
  • Interplay Between ESOP Trustees and Boards of Directors
  • Strategic Issues for Partial ESOPs
  • ESOP Transaction Financing Issues and Market Update
  • GAAP Accounting for ESOP Sponsors
  • ESOP Companies Advantage in Making Acquisitions
  • 1042 ESOP Transactions
  • Legislative, Regulatory, and Judicial Update
  • Legal and Fiduciary Issues with the Sale of a Company
  • When the Call or Letter Arrives – DOL/IRS Investigations
  • Trustees’ Duties
  • Basics of ESOP Stock Valuation
  • The ESOP Feasibility Analysis in the Current Environment
  • The DOL Process Agreement Impact on ESOP Valuation

Ownership Culture Topics:

  • Initial ESOP Communications
  • Communications in a Mature ESOP Company
  • ESOP Communication Committee Workshop
  • Learning to Lead when Employees are Owners
  • Every Superhero Needs a Cape: How to arm every employee with the tools to make your ESOP culture great.
  • Open-Book Management: Winning the Great Game of Business:
  • The ESOP Education Bucket List – Recruitment through Retirement
  • AACE (Annual Award for Communication Excellence) – Measuring the Strength of Your ESOP Communication Programs
  • Engagement – What Really Makes Someone Act Like an Owner?
  • Communicating Ownership to Different Generations
  • Breaking Down Barriers – Engaging All Employees
  • Building an Ownership Culture: Developing Leaders at All Levels in Your Company
  • The ABCs of ESOPs
  • Learning the Rules of the “Game”

You can view updated agenda information, conference registration and hotel information on The ESOP Association’s website.

For additional information or questions please call The ESOP Association at 202-293-2971 and ask for Maya Van Buren or Rosemary Clements or send an e-mail to meetings AT

We here at The ESOP Association are planning a first class event and hope you can be a part of this one of a kind educational experience.

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