ESOP Company News: Omni Cable Celebrates Vesting Day

Omni Cable Vesting DayWe thought we’d share some ESOP company news this week. First up, Omni Cable.

Omni Cable, headquartered in West Chester, PA, held its first annual ESOP Vesting Day in late June.

Omni Cable’s Vesting Day celebrates and honors employee-owners who have invested in the company and who Think, Feel and Act like an owner. “We wanted to recognize the importance of becoming 100 percent vested with Omni Cable’s ESOP and celebrate that moment throughout our company’s 11 locations,” said Jeanine Bilotta, Omni Cable’s IT Director and ESOP Trustee.

Omni Cable has been an ESOP company since 1998 and designated its Vesting Day as June 25. “Becoming vested is a huge deal! Being an owner means being part of something bigger… and that’s a great feeling,” said Chris Sorah, Omni Cable Account Manager and ESOP Delegate.

During the week of June 22nd, each Omni Cable branch celebrated ESOP Vesting Day in their own special way. “It was incredible to see how each branch created their own way of celebrating the 100 percent ESOP vested employee-owners. They showed the unity of the celebration, yet the uniqueness of each region,” said Vicki Allin, Omni Cable District Sales Manager and ESOP Committee Chair.

Omni Cable also presented fully vested employee-owners with a custom Omni Cable copper bar. “We wanted something tangible and unique to Omni Cable that would serve as a celebratory tribute for employee-owners who are 100 percent vested,” said Bilotta. “Since copper is an extremely important factor in our business and industry, we knew instantly that an engraved copper bar would be the perfect way to recognize them,” she added.

Omni Cable will be celebrating Vesting Day every year around June 25.

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