August 2015 Outside Board Registry Available

Because more and more ESOP plan sponsors are adding “outside” board members to their Boards, often on advice of counsel, leaders of ESOP companies need to be sure an outside Board member understands ESOPs, both the practical, legal, and operational aspects of ESOPs, and, very important, the unique cultural style that often exists in an ESOP company.

In the Outside Board Registry are names and contact information for men and women who meet these criteria: they know ESOPs, and they know ESOP cultural style, and how it can vary. Those who are listed under “Corporate” members have served on the Board of an ESOP company and/or as a senior executive of an ESOP company. Those listed under “Professional” members primarily proved services to ESOP companies and/or have served, or are serving, on the Board of an ESOP company.

All requested that they be listed on this one-of-a-kind Outside Board Registry sponsored by The ESOP Association.

If you’re interested, you can find the registry on The ESOP Association’s website here. The link to the Outside Board Registry is located on the left side menu. NOTE: You will need to login with your membership information to access the Registry.

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