2015 Employee Ownership Month Kit Available!

Employee Ownership Month 2015 –

Download Your Press & Event Planning Kit Today

2015EOMKitCOVERsmallEvery October, The ESOP Association and its members celebrate Employee Ownership Month (EOM). Each summer, the Press & Event Planning Kit, which highlights EOM activities of ESOP Association members, is shared with all corporate members to help generate event ideas.

Download your copy of the 2015 Press & Event Planning Kit.

EOM is a celebration of the incredible spirit of employee ownership and an opportunity to educate employee owners about the tremendous benefits of ESOPs. It’s also an opportunity to educate the public, elected officials, and the media as to why employee ownership through ESOPs is good public policy and this Kit will help you in your endeavors.

A special message from ESOP Association President, J. Michael Keeling:

“It is with significant pride that The ESOP Association provides this one of a kind Press & Event Planning Kit, or EOM Kit, to members. While it may sound like bragging, this attractive document is really an activities, advocacy, media, and even a marketing kit, in one. I feel comfortable that if any company went to a reputable inside-the-beltway public relations firm focused on public policy for such a document, the price tag would run in the thousands of dollars if developed from scratch. And, each year, the local and national recognition of ESOP companies’ activities during EOM becomes more prominent, helping our community make the case to our national decision makers that ESOPs are our best national jobs and retirement savings policy. Let us know if you have questions about using the Kit.”

Get started TODAY! A link to the Kit can be found on the Employee Ownership Month page.

If you have questions or would like to submit stories and photos about your EOM events, please send an email to media@esopassociation.org.

You will receive in the coming weeks a complimentary copy of this year’s winning poster designed by ASU Group in Okemos, Michigan (pictured at top).

Additional copies of the poster can be ordered online here.

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