Sharing: A Hallmark of ESOP Association Members

An event both remarkable and commonplace happened last week at The ESOP Association’s Las Vegas Conference. At one of the many sessions, an attendee asked the presenter a question—and in the course of doing so revealed that his company was planning to launch its ESOP by year end.

When the session was over, several people who clearly had invaluable experience running their own ESOPs stayed behind to offer suggestions and advice. There in the aisle, an impromptu gathering of business minds all worked together to hash out some of the potential issues this particular company might face.

The conversation went on for some time, it was genuine, and undoubtedly it was helpful to the leaders of that soon-to-be ESOP.

The spirit that prompts our members to help one another and to share insights is remarkable. And what is perhaps most remarkable is that the ad hoc gathering in Las Vegas is far from an isolated incident.

Kudos to all of you who, through your generosity of spirit, help your colleagues create a better workplace for themselves and all their employee owners—and for making that remarkable sharing so commonplace at ESOP Association events.