A Time to Review (Communications)

Most of us are so busy looking to the present or the future that we forget to take a moment to look backwards.

Think about a super productive week you had. You probably got tons of work done, solved problems, worked well with others, and felt great about what you accomplished.

Then what did you do?

You probably went home and enjoyed a well-earned rest. And Monday, you started all over again tackling a new set of challenges.

At what point do we actually sit back and take stock of what we’ve done?

The way to learn from past experiences, or simply appreciate what you’ve already done, is by taking stock, and The ESOP Association’s AACE program provides a great opportunity to do that. For many people, reviewing their communications efforts and and taking a moment to explain to an awards committee why they were effective and well suited to the organization is a very powerful exercise.

You probably intuitively know why Communications Project 1 was more effective than Communications Project 2, but when you have to articulate it, you might just come across some new lessons. And you certainly will have an easier time explaining to your boss, employee owners, or consultants what you want to change next time.

For those of you using the end of the year to gather financial and team performance data, this is a great opportunity—while you have all the information handy—to reassess your communication efforts. What worked? What didn’t? How would you do things differently? What can you share with others, by entering the AACE program? What can you learn by attending the awards meeting and comparing notes on what has worked for other ESOPs?

There is no cost to enter the program—only potential benefits that you can use to make your communication better in 2016. That is, when you are ready to look ahead.

Click here for the AACE entry form and brochure.