Everything You Think You Know Is Wrong

Okay, so we exaggerated a bit in the title. Not everything you know about everything is wrong, but certainly several things you think you know about The ESOP Association’s Annual Conference are wrong.

For example:

You don’t know where this year’s Annual Conference is being held. Sure, you’ve been to the Annual Conference before, and it is always at the same hotel.

Except for this year! The conference will be at the JW Marriott Washington DC.

You don’t how to get there by Metro. Or, at least, you might not know how to get there by Metro. One TEA staffer, who is a native of the DC area and whom we’ll just call “Patrick”—got off the Metro train and walked into the nearest Marriott, blissfully unaware he’d walked into the wrong hotel.

And it’s conceivable you could make the same mistake. Why?

The station closest to the JW Marriott Washington DC is Metro Center, and when you exit that station you might immediately see a sign for a different Marriott hotel—the aptly named Marriott Metro Center.

You can visit that hotel if you like. You can even wait in the lobby for half an hour before you realize you are in the wrong place. (Not that we know anyone who did that.) But if you do, you’ll miss all of the sights and sounds of the Annual Conference, which is only a few blocks away.

There is never a photo booth at the Annual Conference. Wrong again! This year, for the first time, the Annual Conference will feature a photo booth where you can pose for a picture with your new-found ESOP friends and in front of a backdrop featuring the Capitol. No need to bring your selfie stick or stretch your arms to their limits: A photo booth operator will be on site.


Take your photo in front of the Capitol, without leaving the hotel. 

You really don’t know how to use an elevator. After years of absentmindedly pushing elevator buttons and having them do exactly what you want, the elevators at the JW Marriott Washington DC (remember that name?) will challenge your alertness.

In most elevators, you push an “Up” or “Down” button outside the elevator; once inside, you push a button for the floor you want to visit.

That’s not how it works at the JW Marriott Washington DC. There, you select the floor you want to visit by pushing a button outside the elevator. A sign then tells you which elevator (for example, elevator D) will take you to that floor, and you go that elevator.


What are these buttons doing outside the elevator?

Think of it this way: The new elevators are more like riding in a cab (which takes you to the destination of your choosing) than a bus (which makes every stop).

Once inside the elevator, there’s nary a button in sight. And even the digital counter that tells you what floor you are on is in a different spot—on the side of the elevator where the doors slide open.

You never thought you could see so much text devoted to pushing an elevator button, did you? Neither did we.

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