New Research to Be Released at National Conference

The latest in a series of invaluable research projects funded by the
Employee Ownership Foundation will be released at a special luncheon of the 42nd National Conference on Friday, May 24.

This ongoing research has been conducted on four-year intervals—dating back to 2002—via the General Social Survey, a highly respected source of data on trends in the United States. The studies are performed by the Institute for the Study of Employee Ownership and Profit Sharing, at Rutgers University.

Past installments of this research have been invaluable at showing that ESOPs do a far better job of retaining employees, through good economic times and bad, than conventionally businesses. This kind of data provides a powerful argument for ESOP protection and enhancement on Capitol Hill.

See the new results for yourself, straight from the source: Results will be presented by Professor Joseph Blasi, Director of the Institute, on behalf of himself and Associate Director and Professor Douglas Kruse.

Reserve your seat and get the first glimpse of the results, or get more information at our National Conference page.