Guest Blog Policy

The following is the submission policy for guest posts on The ESOP Association’s Blog. Please read the following carefully. Any questions should be directed to Include Guest Post in the subject line.

The ESOP Association Blog does not accept unsolicited guest posts. All guest writers have been invited to submit content for the blog. However, if you have a topic you feel would be of interest to members of The ESOP Association, please send an email to with a suggestion.

The ESOP Association Blog will not consider posts from non-members. All authors and companies featured on The ESOP Association Blog must be current members of the Association.

If you are a professional member of The ESOP Association, please note that we do not publish technical articles on The ESOP Association Blog. If you are interested in submitting a technical article, please check the guidelines for the ESOP Report, the newsletter of The ESOP Association. To request a copy of the ESOP Report article submission guidelines, please send an email to

The ESOP Association Blog will not post a guest post blog that promotes your services and/or products. The purpose of The ESOP Association’s Blog is to have an open discussion of events and topics dealing with ESOPs and employee ownership. It is not to promote or highlight author and/or company products and services.

The ESOP Association Blog will not accept posts that are obvious marketing pieces.

Submit only original content. Obey copyright laws. Always give credit where credit is due.

All articles should be 500 words or less. This is a blog not a book. Some articles may run longer than 500 words and have been approved by The ESOP Association Blog editor. If you have an article longer than 500 words, please consult the editor (

The editor will edit all articles for style, clarity, and punctuation, etc.

All articles must be submitted in Word format. Photos, graphs, charts, etc. can be submitted in jpg format. Please adhere to copyright rules. Submit only original artwork.

All articles submitted to The ESOP Association Blog are property of The ESOP Association. The ESOP Association’s copyright policy permits authors of articles to link or re-blog his/her submission with the Association’s permission and appropriate copyright information.

Finally, even if your proposed idea/article meets the above guidelines, it will still need to be approved for publication. Simply submitting your article does not constitute an agreement on behalf of The ESOP Association Blog to post your article. If your article is accepted, The ESOP Association Blog reserves the right to post the information when and how it deems appropriate.

If you have additional questions, please email

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