Importance of Government Relations? Hopkins Printing Understands.

Earlier this year, ESOP Association President, J. Michael Keeling, sent a letter to Association members located in Ohio’s 12th District, which is represented by Congressman Pat Tiberi (R-OH), alerting members of the Congressman’s role in the overhaul of tax laws. The Congressman is leading a tax force group that will look at pensions and retirement. Hopkins Printing, located in Columbus, OH responded to the call in a very unique way.

Tiberi 2010Hopkins Printing employee owner, Michelle Waterhouse, wrote a letter to the Congressman reminding him of a visit he made to the company in 2010 and talked about how important the ESOP is to the company, the company’s customers, and most importantly, the company’s employee owners. At left is the photo of Congressman Tiberi’s visit that adorns the history wall at Hopkins Printing.

Why mention this? Because not only is it important to meet with your members of Congress to talk about how an ESOP has helped your company but the relationship your company’s employee owners build with a member of Congress is also important in helping to move the ESOP cause forward, especially now with tax reform underway.

Thanks to Michelle Waterhouse for sharing the photo and information with The ESOP Association.

If you would like additional information on the advocacy efforts and how you can become involved, click here. Summer editions of the Advocacy Kit and the Congressional Company Visit Kit are now available. Information can also be found under the ESOP Bulletin section.