Pigs? Make that Capitalist Pigs!

A few years back, ESOP Association President, J. Michael Keeling, stopped by the Cummins-Wagner Company, an Association member located in Annapolis Junction, MD. Now, skip forward to May 2013, and another visit to Cummins-Wagner. Shortly after his visit, Mr. Keeling received an email from Cummins-Wagner’s Joe Ford who shared the following photos. Yes, that’s Mr. Keeling, and some employee owners of Cummins-Wagner, with Capitalist Pigs! We thought we’d share the photos. Thanks to Mr. Ford for sharing this time capsule with The ESOP Association.

Keeling, pig pile

Keeling Displays T-shirt

Pigs piled up  pig logo

cap pig logo closeup

capitalist pig bunch raised fists

cap pigs from rear

ESOP Company President Testifies to Importance of Employee Ownership

ESOP company leader Barbara Schindler, President and COO, tells House Committee on Small Business that the employee ownership through an ESOP is Golden Artist Colors, Inc.’s New Berlin, New York, key to its recent success, because “When employees are treated like owners they tend to act like owners.” (click to read entire testimony) “Ms. Schindler’s testimony fly’s in the face of the Administration’s position that ESOPs are too risky for employees in companies with more than 10 or so employees because the employees can’t impact the performance of the company where they work,” said Michael Keeling, ESOP Association President.

Employee Ownership Foundation Chair, Frieda S. Takaki, Receives the 2013 Small Business Administration Award

Frieda Takaki Business Award - 03-13 CHART Rehab 1-2h HBEach year, the Hawaii region of the federal Small Business Administration (SBA) awards the state’s best small businesses and small business advocates. On February 28, 2013, at the Hawaii Small Business Luncheon, the SBA awarded Frieda S. Takaki, CEO/President of CHART Rehabilitation of Hawaii, and Chair of the Employee Ownership Foundation, the coveted Financial Services Champion of the Year for the City and County of Honolulu. Ms. Takaki received this award for her long standing commitment and dedication to ensure that island businesses are aware of ESOPs and how employee ownership can have such a positive impact culturally and financially in employee-owned companies. This award also recognized Ms. Takaki for being the main driving force in having CHART’s ESOP loan completely paid off in 2012. Ms. Takaki credits her workers for the company’s success — and her talk isn’t cheap. All 34 employees are beneficial owners of the 100% employee-owned company and share in the company’s profits. She was quoted in the March 2013 issue of Hawaii Business Magazine, “Our staff is very committed and loyal and takes care of the company as their own.”