Senator Snowe’s Address to the New England Chapter of The ESOP Association

On November 16th, we posted ESOP Association President, J. Michael Keeling’s speech to the attendees of the 2011 Las Vegas Conference and Trade Show held November 3 – 4, in Las Vegas, NV. In the speech, he mentions a message from Senator Olympia Snowe, which was delivered to the Association’s New England Chapter at the Chapter’s October 2011 meeting. Today we want to share that video with you.

In this video, Senator Snowe reviews her knowledge of ESOP companies in Maine, her work to protect ESOPs from the pernicious DOL proposal, her work in supporting legislation to create more private company ESOPs, and her pledge as a member of the Senate tax committee to work to keep all ESOP tax laws intact during the tax reform work of Congress.

Her remarks about her knowledge of ESOP companies in Maine providing locally-controlled jobs is solid evidence that personal, and consistent “back home” interaction between ESOP companies and representatives in Congress will develop the voice the ESOP community needs when Congress reviews tax laws and ESOP tax incentives.