ESOP Association Publications Now Available in E-Versions

The ESOP Association has digitized all of our publications. They are now available by email at time of purchase.

The ESOP Association’s publications are authored by top experts on employee ownership and we think the information in these publications is essential to the successful management of an employee-owned company.

You can find a list of publications in our store.

To order an electronic version of any of our publications, send an email to with the publication information. Or call 202/293-2971 for more information. Electronic ordering will be made available on the Association’s website in the coming months.

Want to know what type of publications we offer? See below.

Structuring Leveraged ESOP Transactions

The ESOP Association’s Advisory Committee on Finance has put together a spectacular guide for anyone who wants to finance an ESOP.

This booklet tackles issues such as: Lending Considerations for ESOPs; Second Stage ESOP Financing; ESOP Refinancing; Multi-Investor Transactions; Differences Between Leveraged & Non-Leveraged ESOPs; Communicating the Leveraged ESOP to Employees.

This is packed with quality information from investment bankers, attorneys, financial advisors, and investment specialists.

Members $24.00         Non-Members $72.00

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